At LCDP Girls, we strive to create friendly high-quality products for our environment and continuously improve our production processes. 

Our garments are designed to stand the test of time. Please show care for our items and the planet. When no longer needed pass it on to someone else
(in need) or recycle.

Here are some facts, which we improve year after year.


The first step to start the design process is fabric sourcing. Looking at existing, leftover fabrics from previous productions and the search for more new long-lasting quality options. The materials we choose have a major impact on the quality and thus the lifespan of the clothing. Continuity is also extremely important to us in design, so when we find a reliable material, we continue to work with that fibre for future collections.

Our responsibility starts right from the collection’s design phase. When selecting the fabrics, we strive to use GOTS and FSC-certified qualities.

To ensure that our styles last, we believe in giving our customers proper care instructions along with an extra button in case repair is needed to maintain the item its quality and durability. A garment care guide with advice is available at

Throughout the production chain, we have build a base of strong and trusting relationships with our suppliers based in Europe, Turkey, India and China. We know the people behind the products, and by producing at smaller family businesses we support the communities and retain their long experience of craftsmanship.  

The craftsmanship and talent of each partner is used specifically for individual product groups, it is what they do best, and this has a major influence on how we design our collections. Furthermore, our suppliers are long-lasting partners who share the same values and who operate solely in accordance to the highest standards.


With our re-branding, we have implemented a number of circular changes in all our packaging. We avoid the use of plastic when it is not necessary and choose recycled or biodegradable alternatives. We also selected a new closure strip to the polybags, so they can be re-used.

The boxes are made of kraft paper, which is a naturally biodegradable product, made from wood pulp that is sourced from responsibly managed forests or from recycled fibers. Our packaging is reusable for customers thanks to the two seals that extend the life of our kraft boxes and envelopes. Prints are done with water-based ink to keep packaging as eco-friendly as possible.

With every order we include a plant-powered postcard! In this way you can grow your own beautiful flowers at home. A gift from us and an ode to nature!

To give it new life: fill a pot with soil, place the card an inch below the surface and cover with more soil. Water until the soil is damp. Give it plenty of sunlight, water regularly and let nature work its regenerative magic. 


All our e-commerce packaging is made in Europe, centrally located, meaning freight emissions and transportation costs are reduced. 

Our bio poly bags are made of starch, a bi-product of vegetables. This is a compostable fibre that meets the requirements of the ‘OK Compost’ certificate and is a 100% biodegradable solution. This means they’re made of plants. For best composting results, remove the shipping label (recycle it), cut into small pieces and throw into a compost bin.


At Les Coyotes de Paris, we strive to create high-quality collections and continuously improve our production processes. 

Explore our guide to learn more about each material: how it’s made, and how to ensure you can wear your clothing as long as possible.

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