A collaboration with Fien Muller, a photographer, sculptor and mother of two daughters.
She is married to Hannes Van Severen, with whom she started co-working 9 years ago
and the creative studio Muller Van Severen was born. They specialize in functional objects;
unique pieces for art galleries as well as products in bigger quantities.


What are your main sources of inspiration?

It sounds really cliché, but I mainly get inspired by everyday life in all its different facets.

What does fashion mean to you, as a designer?

I regard it in the same way as object design: It requires to be thought about, not only in shapes and colors but also in terms of functionality. What I find difficult about fashion is the constant rhythm of all the seasons, that is something that I consciously do not participate in.


How do you start the process of design?

Everything it’s different, but we usually start with a small sketch, that will quickly evolve into a 3D-model in the atelier. Hannes and I love the process of ‘making’ things. The atelier remains our habitat where we feel best.


Can you tell us about the creative studio where we photographed you and how it all started?

Two years ago, we renovated the atelier. There was no heating and the division of the functions of each space was different before. During our first six years we figured what worked for us best and our way of working in the space has improved a lot. It has always been a very inspiring space for me, with many possibilities.


Les Coyotes de Paris in one word…



Can you define your look? And how does it resonate with Les Coyotes de Paris?

I find myself more and more attracted to classic styles than I used to, but I think it’s important that always something is added that balances it out and questions it. I am attracted to expressive and sometimes unusual things that make me happy but always combined with a classic aspect. Les Coyotes de Paris offers both of these elements, I think.


Why did you chose this look for festivities?

I really love a modern suit for a woman, it makes her look fierce but also very feminine and fragile at the same time. This is a combination that I look for in fashion every time.

What is your favorite way to celebrate the festive season?

In my case, very simple: just being together. Being with family, good food and drinks, submerging in sentiment…


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