A new collaboration with female artist Gloria Landberger . Every piece is unique and made in her atelier in de School, Amsterdam.

2222STUDIO is her design studio for interior objects, under which she designs, makes and presents her own ceramics,
textiles and art prints. After working in fashion for many years she felt it was time to start creating more with her hands.
Gloria likes to let the material influence the final shape of her sculptures, it's all about a play of shapes,
textures and colours.

If you're interested in buying an object from Gloria, please head-over to her Online Shop.


Can you tell us more about 2222 studio? How did you come up with the name?

The name 2222STUDIO was inspired by my lucky number and time 22:22. Since I was a teenager, I have been superstitious about it and
believed that catching this time over and over was no coincidence. I always felt compelled to make wishes for a whole minute until this magic
alignment of numbers passed.

What lead you into working with ceramics? Are you self-taught or have you learned it from someone else?

Having spent over a decade in the fashion industry, I wanted to take my creativity and energy out from behind a corporate computer in order to create something
that followed my passion and was made with my own hands. So I eventually started with ceramics as I loved the meditative process of working with clay.
After some small excursions into different ceramic techniques like wheel throwing and mould making I figured that handbuilding was most suited for me.
Being self-taught I still had the chance to learn some tips and tricks from more experienced potters along the way.

What is the process of your work? How do you start?

Whenever I have a random idea for a shape, technique etc. I note it down and work on it when I find the time. The rest comes very intuitively.
When I am working with clay I always like the material to co-direct the final shape.

Where do you create your pieces?

I am working in a ceramic studio at “De School” in Amsterdam, an old school turned into a club/restaurant/gym, that hosts a lot of
creative ateliers.







Has your work changed over the years?

I believe that my aesthetics haven’t really changed that much but my objects have become bigger and more advanced in shape,
as my skills and experimentation with shapes have evolved.

How did you come up with a color palette? Why did you choose to work in these colors?

I love the natural shades of clay and since there is so much variety within the different types, I didn’t feel the need to cover
them up with a colourful glaze but rather wanted to enhance their natural beauty. This being said I would still love to experiment
with colours at some point.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration could really come from anywhere: tribal art, flowers, traditional crafts, vintage graphics, architecture,
photography, modern dance, movies, everyday observations and so on. I love the works of Hepworth, Picasso, le Corbusier,
Noguchi, Lina Bo Bardi, Calder, Brancusi, the Arp’s.

Which piece are you most proud of?

Difficult to pick one piece, as each of them might have a different meaning for me. I am proud of the ceramic mask that I created
a few years ago, as it remains a signature piece that has been replicated by others, so many times since.
And I am proud of my
useable sculptures, like my lamps, candles and stools, as they mark the starting point of a new exploration.

Amsterdam, Berlin or Paris?

Impossible to choose, each of them has it’s own magic. As they are so complementary I prefer to keep them all as a homebase.

Coming Soon

On Request

Coming Soon

On Request

What fascinates you?

It can be the tiniest things, a surprising colour combination or a perfect curve.

Do you see a connection between art, interior and fashion?

Definitely. For me it is in the end all about composition and tension and a play of shapes, textures and colours.

What are three words that describe your work and why?

Organic, abstract, simple.

What are your future plans?

Open a physical showroom and atelierspace. Experiment more. Develop more interior objects and grow
2222STUDIO into a real business.

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